IRGOTECH Magnetic Aluminium i-Pad Stand , i-Pad Air i-Pad Pro Tablet Stand Holder Height Adjustable Angle 360

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Unleash the full potential of your i-Pad with the IRGOTECH Magnetic Tablet Holder. Featuring our signature branding and a sleek design, this holder effortlessly complements your personal style while elevating your iPad experience.
*Versatile Workstation
Transform your i-Pad into a mini Mac and create a productive workstation with our magnetic stand. Simply attach your i-Pad to the stand, connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and you're ready to work efficiently.
*Seamless Integration
Our magnetic i-Pad stand is designed to seamlessly integrate with your i-Pad, providing a stable and secure base for extended work sessions. It ensures a reliable connection and supports the i-Pad in both landscape and portrait orientations for maximum flexibility.
*Adjustable Viewing Angles
Find your ideal viewing angle for comfortable and ergonomic work. Our magnetic i-Pad stand offers adjustable angles, allowing you to position the i-Pad at the perfect height and tilt to reduce strain on your neck and wrists.
*Enhanced Productivity
With the magnetic i-Pad stand, you can enjoy the convenience of a desktop-like experience while working on your i-Pad. Benefit from a larger screen, improved typing experience, and easy access to various productivity apps, making tasks such as document editing, spreadsheet work, and content creation a breeze.
*Easy Removal
To remove the i-Pad from the magnetic stand, you simply pull it away with a gentle force. The magnets release their grip, allowing for quick and convenient detachment.
*Secure & Reliable
The built-in magnetic system ensures a strong connection, keeping your i-Pad in place even during movement or adjustments. Say goodbye to wobbly or unstable setups and enjoy the confidence of a steadfast i-Pad holder.
Specification :
Color : Silver
Material : Aluminium Alloy
Compatible with : 11’’ i-Pad Pro ( Gen 1 / 2 / 3 ) ,10.9’’ i-Pad Air ( Gen 4 / 5 )