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There are many types of portable monitor being offered and how do one select the ideal one for their needs? Let us drive you through the difference selection criteria which you need to know about selecting a suitable portable monitor.



It is utmost important when to look for a portable monitor is to consider its resolution. The minimum is to go for HD (High Definition) or FHD (Full High Definition) resolution and that is always the minimum specification for a portable monitor. Anything lower than that should not be consider at all. In terms of pricing, you will be expecting higher price for an FHD as compared to HD. IPS screen is an added advantage to this.



A portable monitor means it must meet the criteria in terms of size. A standard measurement for a portable monitor would range from 13.3" till 17.3” in screen size. Although everyone has different preference in screen sizes, the ideal size to bring it around is the stated size as proposed.



As the name goes, “Portable Monitor” means you can carry it anywhere and everywhere you go. Yes, and it must be in comfortable in weight which mean as light weight as possible. Lighter and slimmer monitors are easy to carry and handle it. It not only occupies lesser space and you can easily keep it in your backpacks or handbags.



When choosing portable monitor, it is important to ensure the chosen monitor is compatible with your devices like laptop, desktop computers, smartphone, games consoles and it must work well with most operating system like the IOS and windows and androids.



Connectivity is another crucial thing to put into consideration. In the market, most high-end portable monitors are connected through USB or HDMI. Make sure to consider all these options. Another important thing to note is that some portable monitors may not be connect with iPhone and you will need a connector for it to function well. However, most monitors with Type-C, HDMI connects well with androids, laptops, Xbox, Ps4, Switch and other gaming devices.


VESA Mount

Well, these may be useful to some but not others. But it can be another consideration. Be sure to check the availability of this mounting holes at the back of the monitor. It is useful if you would like to mount the monitor to the walls or on a table mount monitor stand. It is especially useful when there is a need for mini presentation to small group of people.


Contrast ratio

Try to choose a monitor with more colours offering especially if you are using it as a second monitor for gaming purpose. In this aspect, the minimum contrast ratio ideal for this purpose is minimum 1000:1.



Although speakers may not be a significant consideration for most people, but it is equally important to some. Portable monitors may come with or without built-in speakers. Portable monitor with speakers usually is of adequate sound quality, good enough to make you hear whatever you want. However, if you prefer better sound quality, an external speaker may be attached. Anyway, if you are travelling but forget to bring your headset, built-in speakers are enough to make your journey enjoyable and satisfy.



Although specification is the most important aspect of a portable monitor, we must not overlook on the product finishing part. A “low quality” look type of monitor will not be the choice of many people who are considering bringing their monitor everywhere they travel to. So, it is equally important to look at product finishing. Some of the consideration would be whether it is slim design, metal or plastic, thin bezel or thick edge and these really make a big difference in the look and feel of the product. It do not hurt to pay slightly extra for a sleek and high quality finishing product.



Prices is no doubt the benchmark or even a restriction when choosing a portable monitor. As such, it is imperatively important to conduct more research but do not compromise at the expense of your desired specifications. Rest assured that you will find it more satisfying to get one with a higher price that match your specification, rather than paying for one which suit your budget at the comprise on the specification. Be reminded that the HDMI portable monitors are expensive as compared to the USB powered ones. Of course, it will be most perfect to find one with both.



Portable monitors are useful to many people, be it for work, study or gaming related purposes. For working people, it will be a hassle to switch screen during work. However, if there is an extended monitor, it will make completing the work more effortless. For gaming people, playing games on larger screen is definitely more fulfilling than on a smartphone or tablet, especially with the USB technology, adding up to 6 monitors with a single window is possible. Just be mindful that the one you are buying is compatible with both iOS and Windows.  To make the most out of your budget, do make comparison in detail so as to get the most value for the money spend.  



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