IRGOTECH M-Series Triple Arm Monitor Laptop Stand with Inter-changeable to Tablet Holder and Adjustable Arm and Extended Pole Height at 44cm

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Best Ergonomic Workstation Setup with 24 Months Warranty.

This is an enhanced Monitor Desk Mount design which comes with longer pole stand at 44cm. The product is specially designed and include 3 arms to mount 2 Monitors + 1 laptop. This 3-in-1 monitor, and laptop mount can be flexible to adjust the height, length, and angle. No matter how you sit or stand, it can always adjust the most suitable viewing position to you.

Suitable for most monitor, laptop and Tablet Sizes

  • Monitor size, 13-32 inches with VESA Standard Interface (75mm x 75mm / 100mm x 100mm).
  • Laptop size, 10-17.3 inches
  • Tablet size, 5" - 13"

Longer pillar / pole height compared to standard model

  • The height of the pillar is extended to 44cm which can make the long screen display easier to rotate. The length is good enough to accommodate a Laptop & 2 units of Monitor vertically or horizontal. 
  • The extended 44cm pole height enable a future add on arm up to a maximum of four arms.

High weight capacity

  • Weight capacity at maximum 8kg per arm, with quality material made from heavy duty aluminium which is durable and sturdy.

Cable Management

  • Built with an added cable management feature, it will solve your problem of messy cables. You may easily fit cables, wires neatly to the arm.

Flexibility of Arm Swivel and Rotate

  • The arm can freely swivel 360° (horizontally), and easily adjust the monitor and laptop to the most comfortable position, monitor mounting arm offers 145° tilt (up-down).

Clamp Base - Dual Installation Method

  • The Clamp base comes with 2 types of installation method to suit most table design. 
  • Clamps assemble - Simply clamp the base to the edge of you table. 
  • Grommets assemble - Install it with a min table top grommet hole of 7.5cm-9cm.
  • Suitable for table thickness from 1cm to 7cm
  • Installation Guide video:

Grommet Base - Single Installation Method

  • Grommets assemble - Install it with a min table top grommet hole of 0.8cm to 6cm
  • Suitable for table thickness from 1cm to 4.5cm


  • Colour: Black or Silver
  • Base type: Clamp or Grommet
  • Monitor Size: 13" - 32"
  • Laptop Size: 10" - 17"
  • Tablet Size: 7" - 13"
  • Weight capacity: 8kg per arm
  • Base Pole Height:  Upgraded 44cm
  • Max height:  57cm
  • Arm swivel: 360° horizontally
  • Arm extension length: up to 42cm
  • Monitor Bracket: Rotate 360° and Tilt 55°- 90° (Up/down)
  • Laptop Tray: Tilt 45° (Up/down)
  • Material: Aluminium Alloy + ABS
  • VESA compatibility: 75mm x 75mm & 100mm x 100mm
  • Net Weight: 6.3kg

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