GameSir VX AimBox2 Game Console Keyboard Adapter for PS5 PS4 XBOX Series X/S XBOX One Nintendo Switch

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[Game Console Adapter]
GameSir VX AimBox 2 uses Agility Translator, the most advanced game console keyboard and mouse adapter technology. It is used as a converter, to convert from using a console controller to using a gaming keyboard mouse, on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4-5 .

Console controllers are excellent for playing many games, but if you are a gamer who wants to be highly competitive and perform your best, you need that bit extra. If you play FPS it can be difficult to transition using a controller, especially if you have been using a keyboard and mouse throughout your gaming life. The GameSir VX AimBox is simply the best option for gamers to work around the restrictions of console controllers and get back to using a mouse and keyboard combo with this adapter. GameSir VX AimBox is indeed a multi-platform console adapter.

[Excellent Performance]
This is a no-delay wired game console adapter, easy to use, simple and fast to connect. Advanced VX intelligent translation technology provides 1:1 game accuracy, bringing players a comfortable gaming experience with no latency.

[Easy to Use]
GameSir VX AimBox has three "Reversible USB 2.0 ports," which the USB mouse and keyboard can be connected in any orientation without identifying its up and down orientation.

[Customizable Game Configurations]
When playing video games, you can easily set the keymap and mouse sensitivity of any game through the GameSir APP. It is amazingly simple and convenient, allowing you to play games easily and happily.

[Easy to Carry]
The GameSir VX AimBox is small, compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

[Support Wireless & Wired Mouse / Keyboard]
No matter the mouse / keyboard is wired or wireless, Gamesir VX Aimbox supports both connection and still maintain excellent performance.