Gamesir X2 New Gamepad Mobile Game Controller Type C with Switch Simulator and Joystick for Cloud Gaming

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Gamesir X2 mobile game controller that connect to Android phone through wired connection Type-C, allowing it to have a significantly lower latency compared to its wireless competitors. Players are given an edge during matches as they are playing with nearly no delay input, leaving the opponent with little to no chances.

New Enhancements made for the Upgraded Version.
1) X2’s mobile phone dock has increased to 17.3cm which allows larger or longer phones to be docked into the X2
2) Directional keys has been replaced with Cross Keys for the joint
3) Able to support multiple popular cloud games
4) X2’s main source power comes from the docked mobile phone in which ensures a reliable and much lengthier time of utilization.

Small Details ENSURING Good Gaming Experience
1. X2 is equipped with two e-sports joysticks, which are comparable to professional game controllers.
2. A small gap is made between the mobile phone and X2, the small gap provided ensures that the air circulation optimal as to allow your phone to maintain a good level of heat dissipation, so it won’t get too hot.
3. X2 has a screenshot button, gamers can keep the best moments of their gameplays at any time.

Ps4 rocker, electric competitive shoulders button
In order to achieve the optimal layout of gaming controls, X2 adopts PS4 professional 3D rockers, original host level configuration, 3D head rotation flexibility, highly accurate and fast control.
At the same time, on the shoulders of the key, with the use of electric competitive micro-switches contacts are super-fast with no delays, the keys have been stress tested up to 300 million times, more durable than ordinary keys.

Professional gaming feel
X2 handle adopts two adjustable structures, ergonomic grip design, taking into account the stable and portable handle. Especially in the back of the convex grip design, players can grasp, can hand-tie and still be comfortable.

Unique Patent — 51° Adjustable Type-C Plug
An innovative patent applied exclusively to the GameSir X2 which enables X2 to have an adjustable Type-C plug with a maximum adjustment range of 51 degrees. The player may plug / unplug the phone easily and protect the phone’s charging port from any potential damage.

Brand: GameSir
Model: X2 Type-C
Connection: Type-C Wired
Working Platforms: Android (Android 9.0 or later)
Compatible Game Type: Cloud Gaming
Compatible Mobile Phone Size: less than 17.3cm in length
Connectivity: Type-C

Package Included:
1 x GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller
1 x User Manual
1 x Gamepad Pouch

System Requirement
• Android phone that are less than 17.3cm long
• Has a Type C interface
• System version is above Android 9.0
• Need to turn on OTG data exchange function of the phone. Note: Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and Google Phones are turned on by default. For other mobile phones, system-additional settings-enable OTG data exchange.