IRGOTECH Headphone Stand & Desk Cup Holder 2 in 1 , Headset Holder Hook Hanger Clamp Mount with Mug Cup Stand

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* 2-in-1 Design: Headphone Hanger with Cup Holder design to keep your desk neat with less clutter. Prevents accidental drink-spillage on your computer peripherals or even laptops. 
* Made of high-quality aluminium alloy, drinking cup holder stand maximum load capacity is 11 pounds (5 kg), Headphone Hangers bearing capacity (1kg) , the portable small cup holder can hold items within  (10cm) in diameter.
* Non-slip silicone rubber pads, located on both clamp ends and the support surface, ( prevent rubbing against your furniture surface
* 360-degree rotating Headphone arm hook
* 2PCS cable organization loops
* The Metal Mounted cup holder coaster uses granular silica gel to prevent the water cup from moving and grip tightly 
* Compatible with Most sizes of Cups & Bottles
* Easy to Remove & Reattach: Screw clamp is easy to remove and reattach! No glue, no mess, soft rubber pads on clamp ends protects your desk or table from scratches.
* Built-in Cable Loop: Holds your headset's cable in place to prevent it from dragging on the ground or getting caught between your desk chair's legs.
Installation Method :

  1. Use two small screws to combine the desk cup holder and Headphone Holder into one
  2. Clamping pressure can be adjusted easily with the knob, the Headset Hanger can be clamped on most desks from 0mm to 40mm thick,
  3. Twist the adjustable knob clamp to fix it on your desk, cabinets, glass surfaces, desktop towes, shelf, etc.

Specification :
Color : Black / Silver
Desk Thickness : from 1cm – 5cm
Material : Aluminium Alloy
Max Weight Capacity : 5kg
Cup Holder Diameter : 7cm
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